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定制培训计划提供教育, 为符合条件的新人提供培训和支持服务, 扩大和现有的商业和工业在伦道夫县. Thereby enhancing the growth potential of companies while simultaneously preparing North Carolina's workforce with the skills essential to successful employment in emerging industries.The program is designed to react quickly to the needs of businesses and to respect the confidential nature of proprietary processes and information within those businesses.
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CTP trainers are qualified subject-matter experts with real world experience and are skilled in a variety of business and industry. 培训师将与您的员工分享最佳实践, 知识, 独特的视角是实现你的目标的关键.

Most training can be delivered on-site and on a schedule that is most convenient to your business operation and personnel availability. 

Randolph County businesses and industries eligible for support through the 定制培训 Program include Manufacturing, 技术密集(i).e., 信息技术, 生命科学), 区域或国家仓储和配送中心, 客户支持中心, 航空速递服务, 总部设在北卡罗来纳州以外的地方, 以及为美国政府提供技术支持的公务员.S. 位于北卡罗来纳州的军事设施.
为了得到帮助, eligible businesses and industries must demonstrate two or more of the following criteria:

  • 企业正在进行可观的资本投资;
  • 该行业正在部署新技术;
  • 企业正在创造就业机会, 扩大现有劳动力, or enhancing the productivity and profitability of the operations within the 状态; and,
  • 工人的技能将通过援助得到提高.
资源也可以支持培训评估, 教学设计, 教学成本, and training delivery for personnel involved or in the support of production of goods and services.
The CTP program also has a small discretionary spending budget to compliment the assistance noted above.  These are generally minor requests in nature but needful and can be delivered quickly and at no cost.


就像人不是生来就有说话的能力一样, 踢足球, 并非所有人生来就有领导能力. Different personal characteristics can help or hinder a person’s leadership effectiveness and require formalized programs for developing leadership competencies. Yet, with customized training everyone can develop their leadership effectiveness.

Some of our most popular training classes are Communication Skills, 就业法和多样性的重要性, 训练 & 咨询,有效 & 法律纪律处分, 激励今天的员工, 时间管理, 行业中的团队合作, 领导一个没有骚扰的工作场所, 培训培训师, 客户服务, 定制或西班牙语制造.


十大赌博正规老平台最受欢迎的培训课程是精益六西格玛, 统计过程控制, and Core Lean Manufacturing Tools (Separate Course Modules for Introduction to Lean, 价值流映射, 5S, 拉动式系统(看板), 标准化工作, 连续流, 防错, 设置还原, 全面生产维护(TPM), 改善事件(精益), 精益制造工厂模拟), 失效模式及影响分析(FMEA), ISO 9001:理解标准, ISO 9001:内审员培训


Some of our most popular training classes are Introductory Occupational 安全 and Health (OSHA 10 hr. 30小时.), 动力工业卡车培训/认证, 高空平台/升降机, 危险废物操作和应急响应(HAZWOPER), 安全委员会, 动力工业卡车培训师, 急救/ CPR / AED, OSHA检查, 锁定标签(LOTO)

Microsoft Office应用程序

Some of our most popular training classes are Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, 访问, 前景(基本, 中间, 先进的课程, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010), 互联网 & 电子邮件,QuickBooks,工作场所的计算机技能


Need training in specialized Good Manufacturing Practices mandated by the FDA? We can deliver this type of specialized training through our partnership with BioNetwork Pharmaceutical Center in Winston-Salem.


  • 领导 & 管理证书课程
  • 监督:如何成为一名优秀的新主管
  • 办公室专业
  • 成功的商务写作
  • 成功的指导
  • 管理员工绩效
  • 时间管理和组织能力
  • 批判性思维和问题解决能力
  • 电话技巧
  • 电子邮件礼仪
  • AutoCAD
  • 阅读蓝图
  • 数学 & 测量
  • 液压与气动
  • 灭火器培训
  • 有害物质
  • 密闭空间
  • 个人防护用品
  • 形位公差
  • 数控


十大赌博正规老平台将访问您的网站, 讨论与你的成功相关的问题, 参观你的设施, 并协助您进行培训需求评估. We then work with you to deliver training in the most suitable and cost effective manner to achieve your intended objectives.

What happens if I need a specialized course that I do not find listed in your marketing 材料?

We will do our best to either modify or develop new and/or existing training curriculum, or locate outside 资源 or programs to meet your training needs. 十大赌博正规老平台有联系人, 资源, 以及整个地区的信息, 状态, 和国家.


There are generally two cost effective means of delivering the training. One is through a project as noted above that we will develop with you. A project can cover most if not all training related costs: registration, 教学, 材料, 等. 另一个是通过RCC的可自由支配预算. If we are not able to deliver by these means then we can deliver training through RCC taking advantage of the all the cost competitiveness of the community college system. 在任何一种情况下,客户的成本都是最小的.


欲了解更多信息,请致电劳动力发展 & 继续教育办公室,电话:336-633-0268.

"I can’t say enough good things about the feedback I received from the two supervisors we sent to this class today. 我还有三个人,我很想把他们送到下一个, 假设你计划安排第四节课."

  • 安东尼J. 福尔曼

“早上好! I just wanted to say a quick Thank You for the 1st time manager training class that you offered yesterday. We sat down this morning and spoke with our supervisor that attended yesterday and he had lots of positive comments about it. He said that he feels that everyone involved in supervision could benefit from it in one form or another. 话虽如此, if you happen to offer it again in the near future I would love to be able to send you our remaining 3 if you have openings for them. It’s a great benefit to us as a local manufacturing company to have the 资源 available to us made possible by RCC to help make us successful at what we do."

  • 肖恩布赖农

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training that your team put together for our 客户服务 Representatives. They raved about the instructor and it was great to see the professional tips they learned and began implementing immediately. 如果你再来上课的话, please let me know as I would like to send several others from our company! 再次感谢您的支持和帮助!"

  • 詹妮弗·霍林沃斯·凯辛

“完全根据十大赌博正规老平台的需求定制. 自该项目启动以来,效率提高了25%. On time deliveries improved 7 percentage points and the training generated 25 ideas for improvement from our employees."

  • 院长Lail
    Sapona Plastics LLC总裁

"Teleflex employees enjoyed the class and even the employees that had never had any Project Management training prior felt that they were 知识able enough to put this into practice. 除了对教师的好评."

  • 琼·基顿

"RCC is always helpful, well prepared and interested in helping our employees succeed.  无论十大赌博正规老平台什么时候打电话,他们都很积极,反应很快."

  • 吉姆·帕特森

“这种伙伴关系和提供的培训, 特别是在精益生产原则的领域, 对Teleflex的长期成功至关重要. I have been impressed with the training content and level of engagement from the facilitators and our employees are beginning to embrace continuous improvement as simply an ongoing way we do business. 感谢RCC帮助十大赌博正规老平台在这些努力中取得成功!"

  • 布莱恩·佩恩


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